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20 January 2020 @ 06:35 pm
I wrote this just to remind me of things I want to have/do. New year resolution is not my thing and I tend to forget them in a matter of days so I go with listing the things that I want to have/do because I think, in a way, I'll find something useful for myself in my attempt of fulfilling this wish list. And because now I firmly believe that if we want something with all our heart and soul, the world will gather the positive energy to fulfill it. Proven two times and I don't believe in coincidence.

Well, there is other reasons, too XD Some of them being some of friends asking me what I want as a late Christmas present or birthday present. So here are some ideas, folks. I basically don't care if you get me a present or not. Even a greeting and a warm hug are enough for me. And I'm not being cliche or trying to be sappy here. Seriously.


So, excuse me if some of you think this is too self-centered or whatever. If you do, please just carry on with your life and ignore me.

FIRST AND FOREMOST : GOING AND LIVE IN JAPAN!!!! I do not even care when will it gonna happen but NO MATTER WHAT, I HAVE TO GO THERE!!
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28 July 2014 @ 07:49 am

Happy Ied Mubarak to all my Moslem friends! Let's start everything anew o(^^o) (o^^)o

08 June 2014 @ 01:45 pm

Just downloaded LJ app for android so I think I'll try to post something XD




So, earlier this year, I said to myself that I had to go somewhere. No need to be far away, visiting other cities in Indonesia would be suffice, preferably cities located not in Java. Late March, my brother summoned me to where the city he currently lives in: Pontianak. This is very nice because Pontianak is located in West Kalimantan! So, yay let's cross that ocean!!




I stayed there for more than a month. Pontianak is interesting. I will post pictures and more stories next. Right now I'm back in Jakarta before going back to Jogja next month. Looking forward to meet with my friends here but Jakarta, why are you so expensive and traffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic FUUUUUUUUU


14 February 2014 @ 09:42 am
Mt. Kelud in Kediri, East Java erupted last night and the wind carried the ashes all the way to most regions of Central Java including Yogyakarta (where I live now). This is what I found when I opened the door this morning at 6.30 am.

Called my grandma who lives in Kediri and asked her to take refuge in Yogya but she said that everything is okay there. The dangerous zone is set to 35 km from the volcano and grandma's house is in 60 km region. Let's hope it won't get any worse *crosses every crossable body parts*

Anyway. Merapi is okay.
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06 January 2014 @ 09:26 pm
If you're wondering am I still writing, then the answer is yes, I'm still writing. While the old ones are still under the 'fanfic' tag, the newest ones are stored at Archive of Our Own. Mostly about tenimyu 2nd season, though.

I also used to write things in Bahasa Indonesia, but most of them are massive crossover tenimyu/tokusatsu/drama AU over at my blogspot. I used to store them at Multiply but then they decided to close the site, so there you go.

Some other can also be found over at my tumblr or plurk (you have to have an account and add me, though since my plurk account is friends only. sorry).

ALSO. If you're interested in:

1. Reading something that I've written in Bahasa Indonesia because you're curious about the pairing or for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll translate it to English for you.

2. Reading my latest work for NaNoWriMo 2013. It's already stored on my nano tumblr (highlights for password) password: gimmethatlube

So, that's all, I guess XD

Or, if you simply want to add me on one of those accounts, please do. Let's flail together!!
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04 January 2014 @ 06:44 pm

Let's have another merry and good one!!
21 December 2013 @ 02:16 pm
It's so close to Christmas and I know I should feel festive and all but I'm having this little episode. Not important, really. It might be considered petty and totally trivial. Plus, it happened just because I watched the newest episode of NCIS. Yeah, I tend to get ~feels from watching/hearing things (but aren't we all? XD).

And totally not taking my mother for granted or anything (what's with it being so close to Mother's Day. Tomorrow, in fact), I find myself still crying whenever I thought of something about my father. Well, not EVERY single time but when I encountered a scene or something, something which I couldn't do anymore or missed to do with my father, I just, you know, cry. Like, gross sobbing and all that. Especially when I'm feeling totally down, I want to go back to those times when he noticed me feeling not okay, or when I'm sick, he would come to me and patted me on my back and he would talk to me about my insecurities or other things, really.

So, upon watching that NCIS episode, I really envied that little girl who got to say, "Hi, Daddy" to her father.


Anyway. Don't worry about me, really. This happens like once in every two moths or so. I'd cheer up again after watching something funny.

Anyway, again. On a more happier thoughts, I hope, you know I'm in to crochet now, yes? I'm currently helping out a friend who joined this artist residency program. He hired me up as an artisan to help him creating six works of crochet. Pretty fun and I think my skill is leveled up due to the things he told me to crochet. So, yay!

Plus, the other day, the resident Artist Manager offered me to take his position because he will be leaving at the end of January. I was like, what? At first, I'm considering to take up that offer and send in my CV. I know nothing about artist and art but since the job descriptions are mostly about taking care of the artists participating in the residency program, I think I'd go and try. So, wish me luck!
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25 October 2013 @ 11:04 am
Yeah, I supposed to write this right after I went, huh XD But I never got the chance to write about this. Nah, I'm just too lazy XD But upon seeing that I've promised myself that I'd write more on LJ *wipes dust from my LJ*, I think this is a good chance to tell you about this :D And I hope this can be somehow useful to any of you who wanted to visit Singapore (NO! VISIT ME IN YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA INSTEAD!!).

Let's go!

First, I must say that the trip was my first overseas trip and it was a spur of a moment kind of trip. Back in 2011, some of my friends said that they were going to participate in the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (SGTCC) 2011. Right at that time, scratchbook and I (we were working at the same office back then, if you remember) just got our annual bonus and at lunch, she said to me, "The bonus's pretty nice. Let's go to Singapore with the girls!" and I was like, "ksjdhfksjdhfsjkdfhskjdhf" XD She reasoned that when she went to Singapore earlier that year to watch Adam Lambert's performance, she didn't get the chance to sightsee so since she got the money and our friends were going, she wanted to go again. Again, my reaction was, "ksjdfhksjdhfkjsdhfbutIwanttogetmyselfalaptopareyoufuckingkiddingmewhyareyougivingmesuchideaohmygodyesletsgotosingapore!" XDDD

For the rest of the week, she took care of booking plane tickets for both of us and hostel room for us & the girls. After all of those were settled, she came up to me and said, "Now, you go make yourself a passport!" Hence, this post XDD Visa, you say? Fortunately, since Indonesia and Singapore are the members of the ASEAN, we don't need any visa to enter/exit each other's countries. Isn't that neat? :D The rest of the months were spent flailing, listing places we wanted to go & see, and some more flailing. Yeah, I'm sorry that we were such a lame tourists XD

Finally, on the 18th of August 2011, we found ourselves at Terminal 2 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, waiting for our plane to take us to Singapore! YAY! In the end, another friends decided to join us, as well so it was quite a group XD

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24 May 2013 @ 12:40 pm
a.k.a taking up crochet as a hobby


It' been an old interest for me since high school, I guess. But never really took it up until I got nothing to do last year XD;

So my mom showed me how to (she went to this school for girls which taught everything from cooking, household management, hospitality, etc). I browsed around the internet, too. It's surprisingly quiet simple but yeah, it needs a lot of patience XD and apparently, some sacrifices on the fingers front lol I tend to crochet really tight so when I work on something quiet big or working with two yarn, my fingers get all sore. scratchbook gave me some tips on quick remedial how to avoid this XD Basically just some fingers exercise

Some things I made (ones which I really satisfied with :D)

a pouch for Angua, my phone :D It closes up like this:

Seigaku colored wrist cuff. Model: Jo's hand

Also, my sister suggested me to open up a shop. So after giving it a thought, why not? XD I mean, I definitely need something to do and it'd be nice if it can bring me some income, right? So here we go: The Fluff Edge. It still needs a lot of touch but if you have the time, please drop by *shameless*
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Title: Koi no Yokan part 1/?
Author: Panda^^
Fandom: TeniMyu 2nd Season (Seigaku 6th, St. Rudolf, Yamabuki, Fudoumine, Rikkai), D2
Pairing: Jinnai Sho/Hirose Daisuke
Cast: Jinnai Sho, Hirose Daisuke, Motokawa Shota, OC
Type: drama, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warning: BL, AU, OC, OOC, crappy English
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. No profit gained, no harm intended.
Summary: Okay... he thinks. This could be a little bit interesting.
Note: This is an AU where Jinnai Sho is a head chef/yakuza and Hirose Daisuke is a male escort.

Comments, critics are always welcomed. Also a beta reader LOL

Koi no Yokan part oneCollapse )
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